• Science and Healthstart the F1 race at Formula One Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai Circuit

    Can You Drive As Fast As A Race Car And Also Save Fuel?

    Energy recovery systems harness wasted kinetic and heat energy generated from braking, and use it to provide extra power or improved mileage. Car racing is often looked upon as an exercise in futility – wasting precious resources only to come first in a silly race! Except that it’s not! Racing is one of the greatest test beds for engineering and…

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  • Science and HealthKangaroo hopping

    Why Do Kangaroos Hop Without Seeming To Get Tired?

    Kangaroos that primarily live in flat grasslands find that hopping is more energy efficient than running. They’ve developed strong leg muscles and tail muscles that allow them to store potential energy, making their hops less exhausting than they would be for a person.  Kangaroos belong to a group of animals called marsupials. They raise their young in little pouches built…

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