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  • venality businessman or banker in black costume throw open ones shirt packed heap gold money

    Why Do Billionaires Barely Pay Any Taxes?

    Taxes are paid on income, not wealth. Billionaires incur a low tax burden because their wealth is stored in assets and liabilities. By law, only income is taxed, not global or cumulative wealth. According to the Forbes Billionaires List of 2022, North America is geographically home to the highest concentration of billionaires. The US ranks first among all countries, followed by…

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  • Concretions growing up 1

    Can Rocks Grow? Trovants, The Mysterious Growing Rock

    During heavy rain showers, the calcium carbonate crystals from sandstone react with the minerals in water, causing a reaction to occur inside. This reaction causes pressure to build up inside the rock, which causes them to become larger or grow. Trovants, rocks that make you look back every time you pass by (Photo Credit : ncristian/Shutterstock) Have you ever walked…

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    Do Sharks Sink If They Sleep?

    Sharks, like great whites and hammerheads, sleep for long hours at a stretch. They perform something called “sleep swimming or “yo-yo swimming”. They go up to the surface and allow gravity to bring them back down. This allows them to breathe while they take a quick nap.  Imagine you’re a great white shark swimming along the coast of South Africa.…

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    Very early signs of pregnancy 1 week

    Some women have no pregnancy symptoms at week 1, while others may experience symptoms such as fatigue, breast tenderness, and mild cramping. Typically, medical professionals measure pregnancy week 1 from the first day of a woman’s last menstrual period. Although a woman is not actually pregnant at this point, counting week 1 from the last menstrual period can help determine…

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  • Quebrada de Cafayate Salta

    How Does The Earth Get More Rock On Top Of Other Rocks To Give Us Geological Layers?

    The geological layers of the earth carry both the history and present of our planet. From evidence of past climate conditions to information on the evolution of life, these rock layers have gems and secrets preserved deep within them. Over millions of years, many factors worked hand in hand to form these layers. When rocks are deposited layer by layer,…

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  • middle aging couple travel camping dog adventure seniors pubdomain krakenimages

    These are the Top Benefits of Aging

    Eight in 10 Americans agree society puts too much value on appearing youthful, but the new poll also identified the benefits of getting older. The survey of 2,000 adults examined perspectives around aging and found that most agree that in today’s world, there’s a negative bias around aging or the perception of being old—so much so that six in 10…

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  • Killer Whale

    Do Orcas Deserve Their Killer Reputation?

    Orcas belong to the family Delphinidae. They are highly sophisticated hunters, with members of the pod hunting prey, such as the blue whale, using coordinated hunting strategies. Also, despite popular media representations, there aren’t many recorded “killer” whale attacks on humans. Imagine you’re surfing the waves, having the time of your life. Suddenly, near the horizon, you see a group…

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  • Black browed Albatross

    Why Don’t Migratory Birds Get Tired Of Flying?

    Migratory birds can fly for 8,000 km or more without stopping to eat. These birds beef up before their flight, and also depend on fats for their energy requirements, since fats are more efficient than carbohydrates at releasing energy.  Most of us can’t walk more than 5 km at a time. We look at endurance runners who jog 25 km…

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  • The chase. Police car chasing of an exotic sports car with motion blur. Generic custom photo realistic 3d rendering.

    Why Can’t We Have Truly Water-Fueled Cars?

    Water cannot be directly used to propel vehicles. However, it can be decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen, and the isolated hydrogen can power fuel cells. Considering our forever escalating fuel costs, filling up at a gas station can give us all sorts of wild ideas. While some friends might look to cycling as a healthy alternative, the more reasonable ones…

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  • Classical conditioning

    Can You Use The Pavlovian Association To Desensitize A Reflex?

    In simple words, no. You cannot desensitize behaviors that were not learned. Only learned responses can be desensitized, or unlearned, in a way. Since reflexes are innate and not processed by the brain, they cannot be desensitized. Imagine a world where you could control your reflexes, such as flinching, blinking or pain responses. What if there was a way to…

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  • Imagination of sad human in blue landscape

    Is It True That Lonely People Are Easy To Radicalize?

    Among a host of other factors, such as socio-economic ones, isolation and exclusion can make individuals more susceptible to radicalization and extremism. When seeking a group, and without the tempering effect of other community, they may find themselves drawn to radical groups and their ideas.  One often comes across news about a member of a fringe group or terrorist organization…

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  • A flamingo feeding a young flamingo crop milk

    Do Birds Secrete Milk To Feed Baby Birds?

    Every organism devises suitable survival factors to deal with environmental changes. One such tactic is certain bird’s modified crop and esophagus, allowing them to secrete milk. Doves and pigeons secrete milk from their crops. Flamingos also have modified upper gastric activity, and male emperor penguins have evolved an esophagus for secreting milk to nourish their young ones. Kingdom Animalia is…

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  • Abstract brain with ants instead of convolutions e1671645415531

    Why Would An Ant Shrink And Expand Its Brain?

    When a queen ant dies, several female workers can change their bodies and brains to become a queen. They are called “pseudo-queens” until one queen emerges from the competition. To become a queen, the workers must change the structure of their brain. Although an ant might seem too small to have a brain, they do in fact possess one. With…

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  • Eastern Kangaroos in the wild

    How Did Kangaroos Get Their Pouches?

    Scientists are not entirely sure what caused pouches to evolve on kangaroos, but they have noticed some evolutionary advantages to this part of the body. It requires less energy to develop, as opposed to a uterus. It also allows the female to forage for food while taking care of her young.  Kangaroos are amazing creatures. They have an amazing hopping…

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  • Franz Josef Glacier Glacier in New Zealand

    How Do Glaciers Move?

    Glaciers are accumulations of snow and ice that flow under the influence of gravity and its weight. Glacial motion is a result of internal deformation and slippage of the base that occurs under different conditions. Glaciers are fascinating landforms covering about 10% of our planet’s surface. Not only do they add to the beauty of the environment, but they also…

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  • Flame of airplane engine. 3D illustration

    What Happens If Aircraft Engines Fail In Mid-Air?

    In the rare event of engine failure, aircraft can be piloted to safety by reducing altitude and aggressively using flight controls. Operating at roughly 35,000 feet above sea level, aviation is ironically the safest mode of transportation, considering that we are creatures not designed to fly. The otherwise safe industry of aviation is peppered with gruesome incidents of aircraft crashing…

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  • cat with milk and raw fish

    Should Cats Actually Drink Milk?

    When it comes to this question, pop culture is entirely wrong. Adult cats aren’t supposed to drink milk, as they cannot digest it. Kittens drink their mother’s milk, but begin losing the ability to digest lactose, a sugar present in cow’s milk, as they age. This makes cats lactose intolerant.  Pretty much every interpretation of a cat in popular media…

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  • Chalk drawing of shopping cart and word nothingness on black chalboard

    Why Isn’t Nihilism Perceived Positively?

    Because nihilism denies the meaning one could subjectively attribute to something, which robs one of the agency one seems to be already exercising, the actors in the process of meaning-making (i.e., you, me, your neighbor, society at large) do not see nihilism positively. Nihilism is a philosophical view that denies the existence of meaning. It argues that there cannot be…

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  • DNA structure and HIV infected

    Can A Bacteria’s DNA Protect Plants From Insects?

    Various bacterial genes in nature infect insects, but are neutral to plants. Transgenic technology helps us introduce such genes into plants. Once expressed, the bacterial genes become integral to plants, allowing those same plants to save themselves from insects. In nature, all plants must stand off against hungry insects. Some insects chew off the leaf and stem parts, others feed…

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  • mentalist

    Did “Now You See Me” Do Hypnosis Right?

    Not quite. The hypnosis done by the movie’s hypnotist, Merritt Mckinney, is more showy than real. So far, there is no evidence that it’s possible to mass hypnotize a group of people, as Mckinney does in the film, nor is it possible to speed hypnotize people, which he does to a couple at the start of the film. The closer…

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