Kerry Group eyes expansion in Tanzania’s food industry

Dar es Salaam. Irish ingredients Kerry Group Company is poised to significantly bolster its investments in technology to enhance bakery and beverage production in Tanzania.

Kerry’s distribution manager greater Africa, Mr Ahmad Abdelazem said that since establishing a plant in Tanzania last November and investing 1.2 million euros, Kerry Group has swiftly recognised the sector’s high turnover and vast growth potential, particularly in bakery and flavour innovation.

“We foresee substantial industry growth over the next five years. Considering Tanzania’s burgeoning economy and its population of over 60 million, this presents an opportunity we cannot ignore,” he said.

He said the important, critical to this growth is fostering collaboration between local food producers and beverage manufacturers to harness available opportunities, thereby attracting further foreign investment.

 Mr Abdelazem emphasised that while many foreign industries are eyeing Africa for other investments, Kerry Group stands out as the sole beverage company to have invested locally in manufacturing facilities.

He noted that looking forward, Kerry Group aims to reach over 2 billion consumers with sustainable nutrition solutions by 2030.

Tanzania’s Baker’s Association (TBA), chairperson Francisca Lyimo said they were happy to partner with Kerry because it will enable taste and quality products.

“It will also change the mindset of people and make them aware that the bakery food sector is vital for every individual,” she said.

This ambition builds upon their recent expansion efforts across Africa, including the acquisition of Rwanda-based Afribon four years ago.

Afribon specialises in food flavour development and operates across East Africa and Cameroon, making it a strategic fit for Kerry Group’s business-to-business ingredient solutions in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical markets.

Petre Dillane, Kerry Group’s Regional Vice President, earlier highlighted that the acquisition of Afribon marks a significant milestone in their African business expansion.

It not only strengthens their local presence, but also enhances their capability to tailor products and services to regional tastes and preferences.

“The diversity of regions and cuisines across Africa necessitates localized product development, from formulation to production setup,” Dillane explained.

 Kerry Group’s commitment to expanding its footprint in Tanzania underscores its confidence in the region’s growth prospects and its dedication to catering to evolving consumer demands across Africa.

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