Industrialisation: Minister’s appeal to regional authorities

Dar es Salaam. Industry and Trade minister Selemani Jafo has asked regional authorities in the country to ensure they designate industrial areas as he plans to encourage more investors to come to the country.

Mr Jafo issued the directive on Thursday after visiting the wire and pot factory of Balochistan Group (BGi) in Mkuranga District, Coast Region, which contributes approximately Sh600 million in taxes annually to the government, according to a statement issued by the Industry and Trade ministry.

He emphasised that while the government continues to promote investments in various sectors in the country, regional leaders must implement this directive by allocating more industrial zones.

Additionally, Mr Jafo urged industrialists to recognise that employment is crucial and ensure they look after the interests of those who work in their establishments.

"I have been on tours to various investment and industrial areas, and I am pleased to visit this factory which produces various products that have significantly contributed to employing many young people," he said.

According to him, he was reliably informed that the factory employs approximately 200-300 young people who earn their daily bread, efforts that align with the government's initiatives to improve the investment climate in the country.

However, Mr Jafo called on investors to make sufficient efforts, as the government will provide all necessary avenues to facilitate investment. The goal is to establish more industries that will create more job opportunities for young people, as the government cannot employ everyone but has created an enabling environment for the private sector including industries that will create employment.

During his visit to the factory, he took the opportunity to call the Land Commissioner to ensure the investor was facilitated in obtaining documents for a seven-acre plot where he plans to build another factory, a request that the Commissioner approved.

BGi CEO Khudadad Bizanto hailed the government for its efforts to improve the business environment in the country and announced plans to establish another battery and wire factory, potentially employing up to 3,000 people.

He commended President Samia  Suluhu Hassan and said that due to the favourable investment climate, he aims to initiate various projects, including a cooking oil factory in the Dodoma region.

"For now, there are no electricity issues; anyone who wants to build a factory can do so to support livelihoods," Mr Bizanto said, adding that his products have a large market in Kariakoo and are exported to countries like China, India, and sometimes Japan.

Meanwhile, Mkuranga District Commissioner Hadija Nasri expressed confidence that the industrial sector will continue to thrive, noting that Mkuranga hosts 128 factories, making it one of the largest industrial investment areas.

She requested special government attention to infrastructure in her district to attract more investors, emphasising that investments bring foreign currency, provide jobs for young people, and ensure continued tax revenue.

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