How To Tell if Someone Blocked you on Snapchat

Snapchat is a social platform that allows users to message each other and post video clips. If someone isn’t responding to your snaps or messages you may have been blocked.

How To Tell if Someone Blocked you on Snapchat

Social media is a fickle place. People can act out of character and out of spite without really considering the consequences. The effect of social media on our psychology is only just being studied and understood. It is now being linked to depression, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, and worse.

Nothing exacerbates those negative feelings more than being unfriended or blocked. It triggers feelings of rejection, which can lead to sadness or anger.

How to tell if someone blocked you on Snapchat2

Has someone blocked you on Snapchat?

Being blocked by random people on social media is part of the experience of using such mediums and is nothing to worry about. Being blocked by a friend or family member, though, is something else entirely. Social networks aren’t always the best at letting you know if you have been blocked because they know it can cause you not to use that network for a while.

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A deleted account acts similarly to one that is blocking you. There are ways to determine whether an account is closed, or it’s open but not visible to you anymore.

Check your Snapchat contact list

The easiest way to tell if someone blocked you on Snapchat is to check your contact list. If they were there one minute and gone the next, you may have been blocked. It’s also possible that you may just have been removed as a contact, so be sure to check that as well.

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Search for them in the Snapchat network, if you can see and re-add them, they may have removed you, but not blocked you. If they are a friend, ask them about it. If not, either cut your losses with people who don’t want you, or try re-adding them and see what happens.

Check a story

If the person you suspect has blocked you is a prolific uploader, check your Stories tab to see if you can see any of their stuff. If you think you should see something from them, but nothing is there, this is a good indicator that they have blocked you. It is not definitive by any stretch, but it does hint that something is up with the connection between the two of you.

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Search for their name

Do a quick search for their name, and you will quickly find out if they blocked you. Go to Stories and hit search. Type in their username.

If you are not blocked, their name will appear in the search window. If the name does not appear, then that means that you have been blocked or that they have left Snapchat entirely.

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If you do see their name, tap the plus sign next to it. You may see a message that says, “Sorry, couldn’t find that username.” This is not normal and could be another indication that they blocked you.

Send them a message

If you have chatted with the person before and have chats in your list, try messaging them again. If you see something like Failed to send your message – Tap to try again, that could mean that you have been blocked.

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If you see Pending and a gray icon instead of blue or pink, then you have been deleted from their contacts list.

Use a different Snapchat account

Another easy way to check if someone has blocked you on Snapchat (or any other social media for that matter) is to use a different account and see if you can still see them. You can ask a friend to search for the profile in question by using their account.

If you have multiple Snapchat accounts already, then go ahead and switch accounts and try searching for their name. If you find them on that account, but not on your main account, then they have most likely blocked your main account.

This technique could fail if the person in question already knew of your second Snapchat account. To get around this, you can create a new account that you’re just going to use to see if they have, in fact, blocked you. If you don’t see them on any account, though, including the one you just made, then they have probably just deleted their Snapchat account.

The one thing to note about this method is that while it will tell you if someone has blocked you, it doesn’t give you license to bypass being blocked. If someone has blocked you, creating a second account to try and message them anyway may not be the best way to handle the situation.

It’s always better to talk to the person, face to face. Politely, to see why they may have blocked you. Never go out of your way to harass someone, though; especially after they have blocked you.

Check before reacting

If you suspect someone has blocked you on Snapchat, don’t fly off the handle right away. Check your facts before reacting. The person may have left Snapchat altogether. More and more people are shifting away from social media, and they may be one of them. They also may have had their account hacked, shut down, or something else entirely may have happened.

Before reacting, ask a mutual friend if they can see the person. Watch them if you can. If they can see the person but you cannot, chances are they have indeed blocked you. If they cannot see them either, there is likely more to the story.

Check to see if someone is following you on Snapchat

Finding out if someone has followed you on Snapchat is much more definitive and easy to use than trying to see if someone has blocked you or not. Being followed is a positive thing, so all social networks want to encourage that positive feedback loop. That’s why it is always easier to find out positive things (like who has followed you) than negative ones (who has blocked you).

To find out if a person is following you on Snapchat:

  1. Search for their name within the app.
  2. Select and hold their username until a menu appears.
  3. From the popup menu, tap on their profile picture.
  4. This will bring you to their profile page, as seen below. If that user is following you back, you’ll see their Snapscore as indicated by the red arrow. Otherwise, you’ll only be able to view their username.
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It isn’t necessarily a bad thing if someone isn’t following you back; it could just mean that they haven’t gotten around to it yet. They may not use the network as much as you do, or they may have been busy.

Try connecting with the person outside of social media if you have any real questions about the status of your friendship. If they don’t answer your text, you will have your answer as to whether or not they have blocked you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Snapchat tell you if you’ve been blocked?

No. You won’t receive an alert if you’ve been blocked, so you’ll have to review the above-listed suggestions to come to a conclusion. If you don’t see any information about the profile that you’re interested in after a conflict, then you’ve likely been blocked.

Can I block someone on Snapchat who already blocked me?

No. You won’t be able to see their profile so you won’t have the u0022Blocku0022 option from their profile. If you don’t want the other person to have the option to unblock you, you’ll have to check their profile periodically and do so if it appears again. Fortunately, Snapchat does alert you if another user adds you back. If the person who has blocked you changes their mind, you will see the notification, then you can block them yourself.

Can I report someone who blocked me?

You can visit the Snapchat Support website and file a report against another user. You will need some information, so it’s a good idea to get screenshots (although they will get an alert) if you want to file a report.

I was talking to someone, and now their profile has disappeared. What’s happened?

If you’ve met someone on Snapchat and you were having great conversations with them, then out of nowhere they’ve disappeared, it’s likely that Snapchat removed the profile. Whether for violating the Terms of Service or because it was actually a spam account, Snapchat will pull suspicious accounts. This doesn’t mean the person blocked you (especially if the conversations you were having were pleasant) even though the app may act like you’ve been blocked.


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