How to Remove Titles from ‘Continue Watching’ on Disney Plus

Unlike Netflix and other services, there is no option to remove content from the Continue Watching carousel on Disney+. While the list appears, users have yet to control what gets displayed in the list. However, there are some workarounds we’ve uncovered. Keep reading to learn more about managing your Continue Watching content.

Reasons To Remove Items from Your Disney+ Continue Watching List

Having the ability to go directly to your favorite shows or movies after you’ve taken a break from them is nice, but there are times when you want to de-clutter your “Continue Watching” list.

Perhaps you’ve seen a movie but didn’t watch the credits at the end completely. This title remains on the list until you finish watching it.

Maybe you selected the wrong movie or show and want to remove it.

Perhaps someone in your household used your profile, and you want to remove all the Continue Watching entries they left behind.

No matter why you want to remove those entries, here are some top solutions.

Use the Fast Forward Feature to Remove Titles from Continue Watching

It might seem like an incredibly impractical solution, but options are scarce. Therefore fast-forwarding is one trick you can use. Perhaps you were watching a TV show and got bored after the first two episodes, or you don’t like waiting through movie credits, and Disney doesn’t get that. The show or movie lingers in the “Continue Watching” section until you complete it.

Disney Plus

#1. Fast-Forward Movies to Remove from Continue Watching

The only way to get rid of the movie is to finish viewing it entirely. That isn’t practical because not everyone has time to watch the ending credits or wants to jump to a new film immediately. Here’s what to do.

  1. Load the movie you want to remove from the list. It doesn’t matter what the current position is.
  2. Fast forward to the very end of the movie, and it will disappear from the “Continue Watching” section.

Fast Forwarding TV Shows to Remove them from Disney+ Continue Watching

When it comes to shows, removing them from the “Continue Watching” list is a little trickier than movies, although it is still simple to do.

  1. Load the “last episode” of the previous season. For example, if you were watching Season 2, Episode 5, load Season 1’s last episode.
  2. Fast-forward until you get close to the end of the episode. Do not go all the way.
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  3. Let it play the remaining time out, and then the TV show disappears from the “Continue Watching” list.
  4. Refresh your Disney+ Home Screen, and it should be gone.

The show is removed from the “Continue Watching” section when you finish it. Unlike Netflix, Disney Plus doesn’t show you that little badge notifying you that a new episode is available. So, it will not reappear in the “Continue Watching” section unless you load it again.

2. Play Your Shows in the Background to Remove from Continue Watching

Another trick to delete movies and shows from your “Continue Watching” list in Disney Plus is to finish them in the background on a PC.

  1. Launch the Disney+ title in the app or a browser.Disney+ Picture-in-Picture Feature
  2. Choose the picture-in-picture extension to play through the title on a different device.
  3. Mute the video on the PIP screen to let it play silently while you focus on other things.

The above method is a little more straightforward because you can multitask; Disney Plus can play on your computer while doing anything else you need, such as making dinner, doing laundry, running to the store, spending time with the kids, or anything else. Ensure you check back in time when watching TV shows so that it doesn’t roll over into the next season.

3. Use a Second Profile to Reduce Your Continue Watching List

Here is another approach to consider. Disney Plus allows seven profiles per account. If there is at least one profile to spare in your account, you can use it as a test profile. That’s a preemptive measure, but it works.

  1. Launch the Disney+ app or the browser version.
  2. Select the TV show or movie you want to check out.
  3. Watch it and decide if you want to continue watching it.
  4. Log out of the current temp profile and into your own.
  5. Find the movie or TV show you just previewed and launch it in your profile.
  6. Fast-forward to where you left off on the other profile, or play from the beginning if preferred.

This method does require a little juggling, but it also means a better-organized primary profile and fewer recommendations for TV shows and movies you don’t want to see.

Disney Plus Get Rid of Continue Watching

It can be exciting when first exploring a streaming service like Disney Plus. You’re going through all the great content and clicking all kinds of stuff. But after a while, you settle on a few things. Until Disney Plus finds a simple solution for controlling the “Continue Watching” feature, people can use one of the methods above to accomplish the goal.

Disney+ Continue Watching FAQs

Will Disney+ ever add a built-in option to control the Continue Watching list?

Disney+ has not mentioned adding an easier way to remove content on your ‘Continue Watching’ list. However, feedback is a powerful thing. The more feedback Disney gets on the issue, the more motivation they’ll have to find a solution.

Screen Shot 2021 03 20 at 11.18.15 PM

Will Disney+ ever add a built-in PIP option to allow background playing?

Disney+ is available in numerous countries, but only one offers PIP. The company acquired Hotstar (a streaming service) in India and changed its name to Disney+ Hotstar. The service is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment of Star India while operated by Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution (one company, not two). The Walt Disney Company owns both (Novi and Disney Media).

Disney+ Hotstar received great reviews and took off well in India. The Disney+ Hotstar app gave users PIP functionality that Disney+ does not provide. The streaming service got released in other countries, including the US, to allow overseas Indians to enjoy their favorite programs alongside select Disney+ content. However, Disney discontinued the service in the US in November of 2021. It is still possible that the company may add the feature sometime in the future, but there are no guarantees.


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