How to Find Friends in a Specific City in Facebook

Finding friends on Facebook isn’t tricky when searching for someone’s name. But what happens when you need to narrow down your friend’s city? Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t make finding friends in a specific town easy. Regardless, it’s not impossible. This article walks you through finding new friends on Facebook by city.

How to Find Friends in a Specific City in Facebook

How to Find Friends in a City on Facebook

There are a few different ways to search your Facebook friends by city. These methods vary by device, so we’ll cover them here.

How to Find Facebook Friends by City – Web Browser

If you prefer the web browser version of Facebook, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Facebook website and log into your account.
    Screenshot 11 14 2022 at 06.36 PM
  2. Click the Search bar in the upper left corner.
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  3. Type “people” in the search box, then select “Search for people” at the bottom of the list. This action ensures you find more accurate results than you would if clicking on a different “people” option.
  4. In the “Filters” list that appears, click on “People.”
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  5. Select “City” in the submenu.
    Screen Shot 2022 11 14 at 6.57.27 PM
  6. Choose a listed city in the “dropdown list” or type one in the “city search box.” If the box disappears, click “City” again to reopen it.
  7. Review the list of people in the city you selected and add some as Facebook friends.

How to Find Facebook Friends by City – Mobile

The Android and iOS versions of Facebook are precisely the same. All you need to do to find friends is follow these steps:

  1. Open the Facebook app and tap on the “Search” icon.
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  2. Type “people” in the search box at the top (do not tap “enter.”), then choose “See results for people” at the bottom of the prepopulated search list.
  3. Choose “People” from the menu at the top.
    IMG 8BF849604047 1
  4. Tap the “filter” icon in the upper right corner.
    IMG F9D6B6BA502E 1
  5. Select “City” from the menu at the bottom of the page.
    IMG 8505E87AF93B 1
  6. Choose a prepopulated city or type the name of the city where you’re looking for your friend.
    IMG 246ABF590D88 1
  7. Select “SHOW RESULTS” at the bottom to view the list of potential friends in your chosen city.

Despite the changes in Facebook’s demographics, it’s still one of the most powerful platforms. And even though the UI might seem a bit clunky, Facebook offers one of the most comprehensive search menus.

FAQs: Finding Facebook Friends by City

How do I find You don’t know what their Facebook name is?

Sometimes people don’t use their real names on Facebook. These aliases make it exponentially more difficult to find your friends. The first place to look for your friends is a mutual friend’s account. Review their Friends list for the person you want to add to your list.

Next, use the filter option above to search for their school or work. If they’ve listed either one of these options, you’ll find them there. You can also search for the phone number or email address.

Lastly, try Googling your friend and be sure to type ‘Facebook.’ Many search results will populate, hopefully helping you find your friend.

Can I search for new people to meet in a specific city?

Unfortunately, no. Facebook recently did away with this feature.


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