How to Add Photos to a TikTok Post

TikTok owes a lot of its popularity to its extensive set of options and customizations. One of the best ways to personalize your TikTok videos is by adding photos and photo templates.

How to Add Photos to a TikTok Post

Read on and find out how to add photos to your TikTok posts. You can use the images from your device’s gallery, so ensure you have some beautiful pictures ready.

Note: Before proceeding, ensure you’ve got the latest version of the app. Get updates on the Google Play Store and or the Apple App Store.

How to Make a TikTok Video with Photos

If you want to make a collage-type video, you can! Adding images from your camera roll instead of recording a video is simple and only takes a few additional steps. Here’s how to make a video using images.

  1. Open “TikTok” and tap the “+” icon. Then, select the length of your video at the bottom.
    tempFileForShare 20220805 162228
  2. Select “Speed” in the upper right corner to choose how fast you want your video to be (this affects the speed that the photos cycle).
    tempFileForShare 20220805 162053
  3. Next, tap the “Upload” icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
    Screenshot 16
  4. Tap on “Image” at the top, and then tap on the images you want to add to your content.
    1677297005 323 Screenshot 17
  5. Navigate directly to an album on your device by tapping “All” at the top of the screen to quickly locate the photos you want to share.
    Screenshot 1 7

If you want to add more than one image, tap the bubble icon in the upper left corner of each image. Then, proceed to upload as you would any video.

How to Add Photos to the Background of Your TikTok Video

Anyone proficient with TikTok is probably familiar with the “Green Screen” filter. This filter lets you add photos to the background of your video. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Launch “TikTok” on your tablet or phone.
  2. Tap on the “+” icon at the bottom of the home screen to create a new TikTok.
    plus icon
  3. Begin recording your TikTok like usual.
    begin recording
  4. Press the “big red dot” (record) at the bottom of the screen to pause the recording.
    stop recording
  5. Tap on “Effects” on the bottom left side of your screen.
    tap effect
  6. Select the option to upload your own image (“green photo gallery” icon) to change the background option. See the screenshot above.
  7. Choose a photo from your gallery that you want to use as a background for your video.
  8. Tap the “big red dot” (record) again to finish shooting the video. Your image will be the new background.

Add Photo Templates to TikTok

Another way to add photos to TikTok is to use templates. This option is better if you want to add more than one picture to your post. Here is how you can use templates in TikTok.

  1. Open “TikTok.”
  2. Select the “+” icon to start recording.
    plus icon
  3. Choose the “Photo Templates” option.
    Choose template
  4. Select a template you like. There are many available (nature, celebrations, etc.).
    select photos
  5. Choose the photos you want to add, then tap on the “Slideshow” button to create a TikTok slideshow. Just tap on each desired photo in the order you want them to appear in the video.
    Create slideshow
  6. Another thing to keep in mind is that each template has a set number of photos you can upload. When you finish adding the images, press “OK” at the top of the screen.
    OK button
  7. The photos get uploaded to your TikTok video. Next, add some extra flavor by selecting “effects,” “text,” “stickers,” and “filters.” Press “Next” when you finish working with the effects. We suggest keeping it simple instead of cluttering your TikTok video.

Templates, also known as “Slideshows,” are an excellent way to customize your content and gain more TikTok followers. Whether it’s some funny photos of you and friends or something meaningful like a story you want to tell, adding pictures on TikTok is entertaining and straightforward.

Having Trouble Adding Photos to Your TikToks?

If you’re having trouble adding photos, you can check a few things that may correct the problem.

  1. First, ensure your internet connection is strong and reliable. If TikTok is giving you an error, or your photos simply fail to upload, then try using another internet source (switch between mobile data to wifi, for example).
  2. Next, make sure the TikTok app is up-to-date. An outdated app won’t perform properly. Head over to the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your OS, and tap the option to update if it’s available. After the update is complete, try posting your photo again.
  3. Lastly, check that your phone’s permissions for TikTok are turned on. This is especially easy to spot because your error message will state that you need to turn this setting on. If you’re using an iPhone, head over to “Settings” and tap on the “TikTok” app. Set “Photos” to “Read & Write.” If you’re using an Android, head over to “Settings,” tap on “Apps,” then select “TikTok.”
  4. Tap on “Permissions.” Toggle the switch to the “On” position and try uploading your photo again.

Adding The Final Touches to Your TikToks

TikTok offers its users a lot of functionality for editing videos. Most of the video editing features are available after selecting your photos. But, you do need to set the speed and length before adding your pictures. When you first tap the plus icon, select the length and speed of your video before moving forward.

1677297005 585 Screenshot 2

When you finish adding photos and effects, feel free to add relevant text to the post. You can also choose a variety of cool TikTok filters to compliment your pictures.

tempFileForShare 20220104 140418

Adding a music track can’t do any harm either; ensure it fits your selection of photos. Finally, you can add some emojis or stickers to further brighten the tone. The choice is yours. However, we’d always add some music to break the monotony.

  1. After editing your TikTok photo collage, press “Next,” and you will land on the finishing touches window.
  2. From this menu, you can insert captions where you greet your fans or friends, describe your photos a little, etc. You can also tap on “Select Cover” and choose the photos from your collage to be the cover photo of your TikTok post.
  3. Tap on “Post” when you are ready to publish.

In closing, TikTok provides a lot of creative freedom to its users. You can add just about anything to your TikToks, including music, effects, filters, text, and photos from your gallery. If these are your private photos, it is best to make the video private or only visible to your friends or followers on TikTok.

Once again, there’s no need to use any third-party software for photos on TikTok. How did your latest TikTok turn out?

TikTok Photo Adding FAQs

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What happens when you don’t have the option to post a photo?

If you can’t post your photos to TikTok, go to “Settings” and ensure that the app has permission to access your photos and videos. This scenario is often the primary cause. It’s different for each operating system, but if you go to settings, locate the TikTok app (under “Apps” on Android or at the bottom of the main settings page on iPhone) and allow access to the gallery option.

Why won’t my TikTok videos post after enhancing them?

If it’s a posting issue, you’re likely experiencing one of a few things. Your internet speeds may be unstable, so the bandwidth isn’t there for you to upload your content. The application may be out-of-date, so head over to your OS’s app store and make sure it’s updated. Lastly, TikTok may prevent you from posting if you’ve violated the terms and agreements, including music and images. You should probably check your email for any communication from TikTok if this is the issue.

Can I add a video with my pictures?

Absolutely! Following the same steps that we’ve outlined above, select the video and the photo you’d like to make into a TikTok video. You will see the selections you’ve made at the bottom of the screen, where you choose your photos.

Can I share images from Google Photos to a TikTok video?

Yes, but you won’t find them in the TikTok app. To add a photo from your Google Photos gallery, you need to open the Google Photos app and tap on the share icon. You can select multiple images in the Google Photos app and share them directly to TikTok.

Unfortunately, you cannot include images from your gallery and the Google Photos app without using a workaround. If you want to share multiple images, but one is in Google Photos, and the rest are in your device’s camera roll, it’s best to screenshot the photo from Google Photos, crop it, then share it using the methods we’ve shown above.

How do I add a photo to my TikTok video after recording?

If you’ve started recording a video and would like to add photos, you can use the Green Screen filter.

1. Tap on the Filters option and search Green Screen Photo.

2. Now, you can add a photo. After adding the image you’d like to show, point the camera away from you so only the image appears, and press the record button.

How do I control the speed of each photo in my video?

If you upload two or three photos, you’ll notice that TikTok rotates through them quickly, often repeating the same photos over and over again. Unfortunately, you can’t set a duration on each photo (making one 10 seconds, another 30 seconds, in the same video, for example). You can use a template or set the photos to cycle with the music. But those options aren’t always effective.

If you want total control over the duration of each photo, use the Green Screen photo filter. Upload the first photo, point the camera away from you so you don’t appear in the image and record. Then, pause the recording and upload the next one. Hit the record icon and pause when you’d like to move to the next one.


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