Cynthia Morgan Openly Expresses Gratitude To Olamide For Gifting Her Huge Amount of Money

Madrina, originally Cynthia Morgan, has disclosed that musician Olamide gave her ₦1 million as a gift.

On April 5, 2024, the singer shared an Instagram story about how she quit talking to a buddy after he discounted the great present she received from Olamide.

“I told someone that Olamide sent me a million naira some months ago and the guy said that I shouldn’t put it out there because the money is too small. I had to stop talking to that guy because I no understand (although it was never my intention to put it out here), but that statement almost made me post it immediately,” her post read.

With gratitude, she added, “One million naira wey my own tribesmen loan me, insult me join. Abeg o, Olamide thank you!”

Her post elicited a variety of reactions and comments from Instagram users, some emphasizing the value of thankfulness and others applauding the rapper.

One user commented: “Cultivating a mindset of gratitude is paramount. Regardless of the material wealth possessed by those who offer us something, entitlement to another person’s wealth is a horrible trait and must be dispelled. Understanding that every gift, whether large or small, is a gesture of generosity rather than an obligation.”

Another user commented, “Baddo is constantly helping people without making noise about it….a king.” “Entitlement these days is appalling 😢😢😢 1m is small?? Una dey see money o?” said another user.


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