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  • Musicmuhabarishaji

    Dakota Ft. Mbosso – Mungu Atusamehe

    Tanzanian Singeli’s upcoming recording artist, Dakota launched a new stunning single song titled, Mungu Atusamehe. RELATED: Mbosso – Huyu Hapa The two have collaborated to create the new song, Mungu Atusamehe. The lyrics of the song are about thanking God for the joy, love, and protection he provides. The upbeat, catchy, and melodic song is sure to get everyone moving…

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  • TechWindows Firewall Allow Featured

    What Is IP Blacklisting and What Kind of Protection Does It Provide?

    The term “IP blacklisting” is probably familiar to you if you are a web administrator or running a website. IP addresses are blacklisted in order to prevent malicious traffic from accessing networks and systems. To block access to their site from a specific IP, site managers can add that IP to a blacklist. In some cases, this can be used…

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  • Techhomepod on a table

    3 Reasons Why Apple’s New HomePod Isn’t What People Were Expecting

    After discontinuing the original HomePod, Apple’s second-generation model still leaves a little to be desired. Apple announced the first HomePod during the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference. A smart speaker that promised high-fidelity sound and that was to be launched to the market in 2018. Its initial price was $349, although shortly after Apple decided to lower it to $299. The…

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  • Techworkout

    How Apps and Online Tools Can Help You Increase Testosterone

    Testosterone is often associated with masculinity and male characteristics. However, increasing testosterone can have positive effects on the well-being of both men and women. It has been associated with various health effects, including improved muscle mass and strength, increased bone density, improved mood and cognitive function, and better cardiovascular health, among others. Testosterone levels can be influenced through various methods,…

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  • Life HackDress to impress 2

    Best Sexy looks on this Valentine Day for him 2023

    Best Sex Fantasy Suggestions to Spice things up in the bedroom 2023. Valentine’s Day is about numerous things that we might ignore in the process of living a presumably happy life. From feeling your emotions to the fullest to take out time for your loved ones, but most importantly to show them how significant they are in your life. However,…

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  • Techshhh

    You Can Now Lock Incognito Tabs When Closing Chrome on Android

    Google Chrome now lets you automatically lock your incognito session when you close the browser on your Android device. It’s always nice to see a tech feature arrive that takes the cringe out of interacting with our fellow humans. And this one does just that. The feature means you can set your incognito session to lock automatically when exiting Chrome…

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  • Techman working on a tablet next to an image of chocolate bars

    Would You Rather Go Without Sugar for a Week, or Not Use the Internet for a Week?

    Would it be easier to go without treats, or not use any internet-connected services? Tell us what you think! Trying to answer the question of whether you’d go without consuming sugar or without using the internet seems like it’d be easy. After all, the internet is necessary for important daily tasks, plus it’s nice to have around for entertainment after…

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  • Financialpassive income

    Is passive income the best option for you?

    Many money gurus suggest opening high-interest savings accounts or purchasing real estate. But they forget to mention the tedious and frustrating tasks that come with owning a home. There are many risks involved in owning a property. Your tenants may not pay on schedule, appliances may stop working, and even termites. Property ownership is time-consuming and comes with significant risk.…

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  • Science and Healthmiddle aging couple travel camping dog adventure seniors pubdomain krakenimages

    These are the Top Benefits of Aging

    Eight in 10 Americans agree society puts too much value on appearing youthful, but the new poll also identified the benefits of getting older. The survey of 2,000 adults examined perspectives around aging and found that most agree that in today’s world, there’s a negative bias around aging or the perception of being old—so much so that six in 10…

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  • Techan android standing next to a smartphone screen displaying android

    How to Flash a GSI on an Android Device

    In 2017, Google’s Project Treble was introduced, bringing a substantial architectural change to Android. Specifically, it separated the Android operating system, which is the same for all devices, from the low-level software that is specific to each device. As a result, Android smartphone manufacturers (OEMs) and custom ROM developers can now process Android upgrades faster than before, on devices running…

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  • TechHow to Clip YouTube Videos

    How To Clip YouTube Videos for Social Media

    Have you ever wanted to share a small part of a YouTube video with friends? For short videos, this isn’t a problem. All you need to do is send the link. But what if you only want to share a small segment of a video? It’s inconvenient if it’s 15 minutes long but the part you’re interested in is only…

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  • TechHow to Rename a Bluetooth Device

    How to Rename a Bluetooth Device

    It can be challenging to keep track of all the Bluetooth connections inside your home or office, including speakers, headsets, buds, phones, and possibly a few cars. The default name that displays in the Bluetooth settings is frequently useless; for instance, many automobiles just name themselves “Car Multimedia.” Fortunately, you can give your Bluetooth devices new names that are easier…

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  • TechZelle Your Payment Requires Additional Review123

    “Your Payment Requires Additional Review” in Zelle – What Does it Mean?

    Zelle is a great way to quickly send and receive money. All you need is an email address or mobile phone number, and you can make payments fast. However, it’s not always this easy. Sometimes problems arise that can slow down the process. Have you gotten error messages when trying to make payments with Zelle? You’re not the only one.…

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  • Techfeatured 29

    Messenger vs. Messenger Lite

    When the Messenger app first launched, it was little more than a texting program. But today, it has become a powerful app with countless features that could keep users entertained for days. Still, not all users have welcomed these advanced options and have switched to the stripped-back Messenger Lite. This article will discuss how these two similar apps operate, break…

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  • TechInstagram Messages Blacked Out

    Instagram Messages Blacked Out? Try These Fixes

    Popular apps like Instagram are sometimes plagued with unusual bugs and glitches that prevent perfect functionality. Lately, a common one is direct messages appearing to be all black. That prevents users from reading what someone else sent them. Look no further if you’ve encountered this problem and have had enough. The community suggests some solid solutions after rigorous testing. Read…

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  • How Tohow to make money fast 3 1024x536 1

    How to Make Money Without a Job

    There are many options for those who don’t have jobs but still want to make a decent living. A side hustle can make use of your resources like your time and skills. You could start a lawn-care company like LawnLove or drive for ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. Although most of these jobs require a background check to be…

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  • Techhow to install kodi fire tv stick

    How to Mirror Windows 10 to the Amazon Fire TV Stick or Cube

    The Amazon Fire TV Stick is used primarily for hours and hours of television goodness, but did you know it also allows you to use your TV as a second screen? That’s right; you can use a Windows 10 computer or laptop to display important content right on your television. Mirroring Windows 10 to your Amazon Fire TV Stick lets…

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  • TechHow to Get Korean

    How To Watch Korean Netflix from Anywhere

    Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. This does not effect our editorial in any way. While Netflix has a lot of high-quality content to offer, your Netflix subscription is limited to your resident country. If you love watching Korean movies and TV shows, or if you’re a K-drama fan but don’t live in South Korea,…

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  • Techfeatured 2

    How To Make a Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

    Minecraft potions have temporary effects, unlike equipment enchantments. But make no mistake. Some Minecraft potions provide massive buffs and debuffs that help players accomplish feats they otherwise couldn’t in survival and hardcore modes. The potion of weakness is often an underutilized consumable for two reasons. It doesn’t last long, and it places a debuff on the player when consumed. But…

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  • Techtower

    How to Transfer Everything and Move to a New Email Account

    Many scenarios might cause you to want to move to a new email. Maybe you have just graduated and no longer need your school email. Or you have decided to switch to a new email provider because you’re not happy with the current one. Whatever the case, many people want the convenience of moving everything from their last email provider…

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