Antonio Brown Threatened By Meek Mill For DMing A “Lil Girl” Amid Diddy’s Saga

Meek Mill exchanged tweets with Antonio Brown over the weekend after the former NFL player published a poster for the 1968 film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with the revised title, “Diddy Diddy Bang Bang.” Meek and Diddy’s faces are edited into the photograph. After calling Brown out, Meek claimed he had images of him DMing a “lil girl” and vowed to “end” him.

“How do I keep coming across these slow n****s mind lol,” Meek said with a grin. In a follow-up post, he said, “He went crazy seeing me around team owners and I became his target lol.” “I have a direct message from you to a little girl who is genuinely part of my family. Relax before I end you forever. Take your medicines, bro.” In one final post that is still on the site, Meek concluded: “If you speak on me, you may get 500k clicks/views in a day or two… it’s a bad long-term plan, but I understand it makes sense for the losers!”

Meek eventually erased his posts, prompting a rebuke from Brown. “Imagine sending out misleading information to avoid looking like a b*tch. “Then delete it laughing emoji, can’t make it up,” he wrote. “It resulted in the best live experience ever on this app…” Never forget @MeekMill, #CheekMill. “Generational Run Fucking Continues.” Check out Brown’s Twitter post below.

Brown’s reference to Meek and Diddy is based on charges made in Lil Rod’s recent lawsuit against the Bad Boy mogul. In the petition, Rod said Diddy had boasted about having sex with “a Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj.” Meek was never addressed by name.

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