Airtel Tanzania addresses complaints over rise in scratch voucher prices

Dar es Salaam. Airtel Tanzania has initiated a special campaign to ensure its customers are charged the correct amount for services rendered.

Named Usilipe Zaidi, the campaign assures customers and the public that the price of scratch top-up vouchers remains unchanged across the country.

This consumer awareness initiative follows widespread complaints about the increased prices of scratch top-up vouchers in various regions of Tanzania.

Reports indicate that some vendors have been distorting the face value of the vouchers, selling Sh500 vouchers for prices ranging from Sh550 to Sh700, and Sh1000 vouchers for prices from Sh1100 to Sh1500.

It's important to emphasize that these unauthorized price increases have not been authorized by Airtel Tanzania or the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA).

“The unauthorized price increases are against our practice and are not only unfair to customers but also go against our principles and values,” Airtel’s Marketing Director, Ms Timea Chogo, explained.

Ms Chogo assured customers that Airtel takes these reports seriously and is actively investigating the incidents to ensure fair pricing of scratch top-up vouchers.

She urged all customers not to pay more than the face value of the vouchers and encouraged them to use the Airtel Money platform as an alternative to purchasing top-up vouchers, thus avoiding such inconveniences.

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